Owners & Tourists

The Agreement of the said Property for Holiday Reservations and the said Owner of the Property Agreement is subject to and governed by the general the 'Terms and Conditions'. The Accommodation

1. Commission Percentage:- The Standard Commission percentage shall be no less than 10% and or plus registration fee. Saleable price over and above base price, required by the owner (Not including Registration Fee) and Not including other web-sites used plus their percentage from 3% up to 50%. The company reserves the right to keep any extra over and above base price.

2. The Owner hereby engages the Broker for Holiday Rentals, lease, operate and manage the said property for holiday bookings. The Broker accepts this undertaking and agrees to use due diligence in the exercise of the duties, authority and powers conferred upon by the Broker under the terms hereof.

3. In consideration of the management and holiday rental/leasing functions to be performed by the Broker under this agreement, the Owner agrees to pay the said Broker for performance of duties of Holiday Reservation Rentals.

3.i. Should the Owner Default on the Holiday Rental and or Double Booking- The Owner Shall either OFFER ALTERNATIVE Good ACCOMMODATION equal to that Originally Booked, if Available or REFUND to the said client plus Cover the Broker and any site fees concerned - The broker Nor the site's shall not be held Responsible for the Owner Default but the Owner Must Either offer to the here said Client Offer alternative good accommodation or Refund in full the Client and Pay ALL fees on behalf of the Broker and any other fees due from other sites obtaining the actual booking. The Broker Shall NOT be Liable or responsible should the Owner of the Property default and Nor Shall the Broker be liable to Refund fees due to the Owners mistakes, decision, or change of mind. It is the Owner's FULL responsibility to reimburse the Client either with an alternative suite property and or Full Refund and cover the Agents fees / Commission and any other fees incurred.

4.The Broker a fee or fees for services rendered at the rates hereinafter set forth. Owner recognizes the Broker as an agent in any negotiations - relative to the said property or any part thereof, which may have been initiated during the term hereof, and if consummated, shall compensate Broker in accordance with the rates hereinafter set forth. Such compensation is due and payable on demand and may be deducted by Broker from gross receipts.

However, in the event of any termination of this agreement it shall not affect the right of Broker to receive Holiday Rental/leasing commissions or fees which have accrued or due on the date specified in such notice and have not been paid.

5. As an agent for Owner, the Broker owes Owner the duties of loyalty, disclosure, confidentiality, reasonable care and diligence, and full accounting.

6. The Broker must respond honestly and accurately to questions concerning said property, and deal honestly and fairly with all parties.

7. The duties and responsibilities of Broker in connection with the management of said property are as follows:

(i). Broker shall take all reasonable steps to promote the said property and via other web-sites & when interest shown by a tourist the collect funds when paid by the said Tourist of all holiday rentals and other charges involved.

(ii) the Broker is not however responsible for the tourist - Broker also shall not be liable for any error of judgement or for any mistake of fact or law, or for anything which Broker may do or refrain from doing here under, except in cases of willful misconduct or gross negligence.

8. From Gross revenues collected from said property, the Broker is hereby authorized to accrue and make disbursements from the said payments from the tourist and then disperse to the owner their funds due.

9. The Owner, is responsible for any house insurance - special assessments, premiums for hazard and liability insurance and any other insurance required, and sums otherwise due and payable by Owner as operating expenses which are incurred pursuant to the terms of this agreement including management and other fees as provided herein.

10. The Broker shall deposit revenues Less commission & fees, and of other parties sites, less bank fees, into an account in a bank instructed by the Owner.

11. The Broker can by arrangement and Extra Fee - offer Design & Decorating ideas necessary to maintain and upgrade the said property in its present condition and for the operating efficiency of said property.

12. The Owner Undertakes - in the event of an emergency where immediate repairs are required to preserve the property, continue essential services to the property, avoid danger to life or property, or to comply with state or local law.

13. The Broker shall have the authority to negotiate, prepare and execute modify and cancel where necessary existing agents and other web-sites on behalf for the Owner. The said Property is only for the Broker to Manage for Holiday Rentals by the Broker and is Not responsible thereafter, it belongs to the here said owner.

14. Holiday records of all Tourist funds, reservation numbers, etc received and disbursed in connection with its management of said property, shall be sms and or emailed to the Owner.

15. If the Owner cancels a booking - the owner will be liable to the tourist for the said funds to return and compensate the broker for time spent - If the tourist cancels a booking we are not obliged to return deposit funds, (if paid direct to us) although according to per web-site policy, if funds been released or paid, depends on cancellation policy.
In the event of a cancelled booking should the owner be willing to offer this said property for a later date or refund it is at the owner's discretion less agent fees.